Our mission is simple. Saving lives. Through the use of MURRK products, we hope to maximize safety and minimize response times of Law Enforcement and First Responders. We design products intended to provide a new type of organization that capitalizes on unused vehicle space. These products increase effeciency of storage for required equipment, increase the safety of first responders/law enforcement, and provide uniformity in emergency situations. Durable. Dependable. American made.

The design of the MURRK bag makes it easily and quickly accessible in times of stress when fine motor skills are compromised. It has been proven that the dexterity of our extremities suffer greatly by the effects of adrenaline, signifiantly decreasing fine motor coordination, especially in our fingers. The organizer utilizes gravity and natural motions to provide immediate accessibility to a person in this excited state.

Law enforcement and first responders have critical jobs in an ever more dangerous world. We at MURRK strive to provide the highest quality gear to keep them safe and assist them in their duties no matter the sitatuion they respond to.