Constructed of heavy duty canvas, MURRK products are durable, water resistant, stretch resistant, flame retardant, and are designed to handle the every day abuse to which a first reponse vehicle is subjected. We have ballistic options to provide small caliber arms fire protection and a new fully modular design, allowing the user to customize their MURRK to their tools, gear, and job.

This organizer makes vital materials such as ammunition and tourniquets easily accessible. MURRK products are also portable. The design allows for the user to remove it from the vehicle to be used as a resuce litter to assist the wounded, provide a mat, and many other versatile options. Not only is it accessible to an individual officer, but if the organizer is used by a squad, an entire department, or even several departments in a given area, the consistent mounting area of the organizer would give a first responder the confidence to access needed resources in critical incidents. Even routine forms, paperwork, and citations can be stored on the exterior face of the organizer so they are always easily and readily accesible.